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Pełna wersja: Other than Chinese tanks, what will WG add in 2018?
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So I am not crazy about any of the Chinese tanks added in 2018 so far. Maybe the T-34-1 might get ground if I ever get a free garage slot, but nothing interests me in the entire tech tree. Usually in a calendar year, War Gaming adds 4 additions of tanks in updates, sometimes micro updates like when the Obj 140 was added along with several tech tree tanks to other nations. This gave me something to grind across the board but I don't see something like that since they loot boxed the AMX 1st proto that I might have added if it was in the tech free. Does anyone else see any other tech free tanks in 2018 being added?

Please help.

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też gram w WOT ale nie interesują mnie darmowe tanki ;]